Every year Mittler Report Verlag organises national and international conferences addressing current and future-oriented themes for leaders, experts and senior executives from the military, public administration and industry.

In particular, the annual Conference on Security Policy and Defence Technology held in Bonn in early December has reached institutional status as a forum for the review of developments in the Bundeswehr and outlook to the forthcoming year. The focus of the presentations is on Budget, Planning and Armament. Besides, current issues regarding the civilian organisational areas olf the Bundeswehr and branches of the forces are considered and developments in NATO and EU are analysed.

As an annual event, the international Life Cycle Management in NATO conference and exhibition (NATO LCM Conference) is held in Brussels at the end of January and is organised by Mittler Report Verlag in cooperation with the NATO Life Cycle Management Group (A/C 327) and with the support of the NATO  Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) and the German CALS Forum. The conference language is English.

Every second year and in cooperation with the Bundeswehr Operations Command Mittler Report Verlag organises a conference on the current Operations of the Bundeswehr, mission preparation and organisation, political framework conditions for the military missions as well as industrial support during preparation, execution and wrap-up of missions.

The conferences of Mittler Report Verlag are conceptually laid out for a limited number of delegates. The emphasis is on providing a forum in adequate ambience for the dedicated exchange of information and discussions with leaders from the armed forces, public administration, international organisations, politics and academia.

The Forum Europäische Sicherheit (European Security Forum) addresses a broader audience of conference delegates with interests in security policy. It is a regular event organised in cooperation with the Federal German Academy for Security Policy and considering current issues of European security policy.

Forum Europäische Sicherheit 2012 (in German)

Forum Europäische Sicherheit 2014 (in German)

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