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Single copies of "European Security & Defence" are available in e-paper format from the Online Shop.

Current Issue

Contents of issue 1/2018 include:


  • By the Numbers – An Analysis of European Armoured Vehicle Fleets (David Saw)
  • Mobility versus Protection (Jack Richardson)
  • The 6x6 Scenario (David Saw)
  • Extending the Senses – AFV Situational Awareness (Tim Guest)
  • Evaluating the Eastern European Armour Picture (David Saw)
  • Tracks Support Tracks (Gerhard Heiming)


Further Content:

  • Geopolitical Impact of the Oil Price Decline – Winners and Losers (Frank Umbach)
  • Russia’s Naval Probes (Stephen Blank)
  • The Nagorniy-Karabakh Conflict: A Simmering War on the European Periphery (Gayane Novikova)
  • "The heart of our problems beats in Pakistan…" - Interview with Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan
  • "The need for a strong, competitive air force has become evident!" Interview with Major General Mats Helgesson, Commander of the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet)
  • Slovakia Starts Ambitious Modernisation of Armed Forces (Miroslav Gyürösi)
  • "We want to have a flexible navy." - Interview with Admiral Gonzalo Nicolás Ríos Polastri, Comandante General de la Marina de Guerra del Peru
  • Trends and Developments in Joint Fire Support Operations (Tim Guest)
  • Tactical UAV Requirements (Giulia Tilenni)
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in European Military Services (Peter Austermann)
  • Drones – How to Mitigate the Threat? (Stefan Nitschke)
  • A Software for All Seasons? (Tim Mahon)
  • Small Arms Ammunition (Thomas Nielsen)
  • Ground-Based Joint Fire Support Trends (Waldemar Geiger)
  • Small Arms Training From Live Rounds to Lasers (William Carter)
  • Sniping Developments in Europe (David Saw)
  • The Challenge of CBRN Standoff Detection (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Will Indo-European Defence Relations Turn a New Page? (Bindiya Carmeline Thomas)
  • Intellectual Capital Protection by Patents (Heiko Borchert and Christian Helmenstein)
  • I/ITSEC – The Largest World Military Simulation and Training Event (William Carter)


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