Tactical communication by Angstrem

Tactical communication by Angstrem

Angstrem show their portfolio of devices for tactical communication at IDEX. Especially the Azart R-187-P1E is of interest. It is a multimode VHF/UHF handhelt tactical team radio with a software defined programmable security architecture designed to enhance situational awareness and ensure the continuous connection for the individual soldier, therefore improving mission cohesiveness and effectiveness in a geographically and/or climate-challenging and combat environment.

The R-187-P1E has a two-channel wideband transceiver with 27-520 MHz and a software based operating frequency setting. It utilizes a robust 20,000 hops per sec frequency hopping and effectively adapts to a challenged electromagnetic environment. With these capabilities the R-187-P1E is able to support different types of radio signals and communication protocols to transfer voice and data over long distances at high speed. The data transfer rate is above 256 kbps in encryption-free mode, 28.8 kbps in frequency hopping mode and 7.2 kbps in masking mode. Voice operations might be made simplex, half duplex or –with a TETRA base station – duplex.

The battery lasts about 12 hours. Operating temperature is -30 to +55° C.

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