Software Defined Radio by Leonardo

Software Defined Radio by Leonardo

Designed and developed by Leonardo, SDR -Software Defined Radio - is a radio communication system whose hardware components (filters, amplifiers, modulators, etc.), as well as algorithmic modulation and processing are mostly created by software components. One of the main features of the Software Defined Radio is its re-configurability. This provides the ability to implement different waveforms, both legacy (from different existing devices) and emerging, on a single platform, with advantages in terms of saving, interoperability and easy installation.

SDR offers a high flexibility in dealing with different kinds of critical operations by using the same tool and in responding to new communication needs.

These products host a wide range of waveform applications, covering all of a potential customer’s operational needs. 

Leonardo is part of the European Consortium a4-ESSOR (European Secure SOftware Radio), ? along with Elektrobit, Indra, Radmor, Saab and Thales ? which has already defined the ESSOR SCA extensions to a secure ESSOR SDR architecture which is being used as reference architecture for the ESSOR HDR waveform, a High Data Rate Manet waveform for coalition forces.

Leonardo at IDEX: 06-A03


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