Scipio shows its armoured carrier

Scipio shows its armoured carrier

In the vehicle parc of the International Golden Group Scipio Technologies shows its newest mine protected vehicle. Scipio’s armoured carrier is a flexible and agile vehicle that might accommodate a crew of two in the front along with nine fully equipped soldiers in the rear space. This model features a full B7 armour rating and has an advanced shallow V technology. Blast protection is against 14 kg TNT under hull or 21 kg TNT under wheel. It has a side blast protection against 10 kg TNT at a distance of 5 m and a height of 1.5 m. Gross vehicle mass is 23,000 kg with a possible payload of 6,750 kg. Length is 6.5 m, width 2.7 m and height 3 m. Speed is 110 km/h with a cruising range of about 1,000 km.

Scipio at IDEX: 04-C30


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