Patria Integrates the NEMO 120mm Mortar System in ISO Shipping Container

Patria Integrates the NEMO 120mm Mortar System in ISO Shipping Container

Patrias container based 120mm mortar system NEMO

Finnish defence company Patria has completed integration of its NEMO (NEw MOrtar) 120mm smooth-bore, gyro-stabilized mortar system into a standard, easily transportable ISO shipping container. Integration of the 360° mortar system into a standardized shipping container allows the NEMO to be mounted on a vessel’s deck, a flatbed truck or set directly on the ground. The container is believed to include self-contained power for its air conditioning system, including a CBRN defence overpressure capability, and it can store up to 100 x 120mm rounds.  The system is operated by a crew of three soldiers.

The new container-based mortar system will be presented at IDEX /NAVDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi (February 19th – 23rd).

The NEMO has been a successful, lightweight, single-barrel development of the AMOS (Advanced MOrtar System) weapon system.  It can be fitted to many APCs and also to smaller landing craft, such as the Finnish JURMO-class landing craft or the Swedish Combat Boat 90 (CB90).  The first customer of the weapon system was the Slovenian Army, with 24.  Subsequently the United Arab Emirates Naval Forces bought 12 patrol boats, of which some were to be equipped with NEMO mortars. Saudi Arabia is reported as having bought 36 turret fitted with the NEMO system to equip its LAV II vehicles.


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