Modular high mobility vehicle by UROVESA

Modular high mobility vehicle by UROVESA

The company URO, Vehicles Especiales S.A. (UROVESA) shows their high mobility tactical vehicle VAMTAC at IDEX. This platform was specifically designed for military purposes in all terrains. VAMTAC has been developed since 1998 as a purely military vehicle to meet all military standards, NATO, STANAG and MIL. With about 4,500 units in service in more than 20 countries and so far 50 different configurations, the continuous evolution of the vehicle has led to a reliable modular platform, serving most needs of armed forces.

The VAMTAC can move at high speeds in all terrains and hostile areas. Its actual design incorporates the latest technologies including full-time 4x4 traction with system control plus 100% differential locks in both axles and in the transfer case, which allows all the engine power to be transmitted to the wheels with adherence.

Optional accessories include central tire inflation system, runflat, automatic fire extinguish system, monitoring surveillance system and/or an NBC system. With all these possible configurations the VAMTAC can serve as almost everything, from general cargo vehicles and troop transport to armoured units.



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