Ammunition for the F-35

Ammunition for the F-35

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Rheinmetall with an order worth €6.2 million for ammunition for the F-35 stealth multirole fighter. Delivery starts in December 2017. The ammunition selected is the new 25mm x 137 Frangible Armour Piercing (FAP) which was specifically developed to fight air-to-ground modern Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) at extreme slant ranges together with an air-to-air capability against enemy aircraft. The 25mm x 137 FAP is already sucessfully integrated and showing its capabilities in service with the F-35s of two NATO nations. 

The F-35 will become (in numbers) the main fighter aircraft of NATO, with the U.S. Air Force currently procuring the F-35 on a large scale with 1,200 planes on order. Other nations that have opted for the F-35 are Denmark, Canada, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Turkey and UK.


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