Glock Modular Handgun System

Glock MHS 19

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange Glock was one of two participants in the US Army‘s Modular Handgun System (MHS) solicitation to reach the Competitive Range, in the final cut. Contrary to many claims, the company from Deutsch-Wagram...> more


LYNX on display for the Czech military

Lynx IVF from Rheinmetall Defence

Rheinmetall was showcasing its new family of LYNX combat vehicles at IDET 2017, the defence and security technology fair in Brno, Czech Republic, that was going on till June 2. At the moment LYNX has two versions: the KF 31 and...> more


Research and development of a rotary wing UAS

The UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Technology Office has placed a two year, jointly funded, Research and Development contract with Leonardo in the UK for a Rotary Wing Unmanned Air System...> more


Ammunition for the F-35

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Rheinmetall with an order worth €6.2 million for ammunition for the F-35 stealth multirole fighter. Delivery starts in December 2017. The ammunition selected is the new 25mm x 137 Frangible Armour...> more


Successful Turkish programmes

Three good news can be stated for the Turkish Navy modernization programmes. The Turkish shipping company SEDEF Shipyard will complete the landing helicopter dock (LHD) ANADOLU two years earlier and the state is supposed to work...> more


Sensonor for GMA Land Navigator

GMA Land Navigator has selected Sensonor STIM210 as inertial engine. The STIM210 provides high accuracy inertial data for the AXD-LNS Land Navigator Solution. Sensonor is currently in serial deliveries supporting the Land...> more


Missile warning integration and Flare-up

Terma has signed a new contract for Missile Warning integration and Flare-Up for the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16s. By upgrading their current Pylon Integrated Dispenser System, Universal (PIDSU) with MIL-STD-1760 capability...> more

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