Tatra Trucks for Czech Armed Forces

Tatra Trucks for Czech Armed Forces

New Tatra trucks for the Czech Army

The Czech Ministry of Defence received a delivery of 26 Tatra T-810 flatbed trucks. They will be followed by 40 T-815 heavy and medium trucks with container loaders and 41 T-815 transporters for PRAM 120-mm-mortars by may 2017.

Since 2008 the Czech military has been replacing older logistical vehicles by Tatra trucks modified according to the requirements of the Czech Armed Forces. The Czech inventory contains about three thousand T-810 and T-815 trucks in various configurations, including vehicles with protected cabins that are generally earmarked for international operations.

Tatra trucks are equipped with the timetested chassis platform which allows for the attachment of a variety of superstructures. Between 2008 and 2009, the military procured 588 Tatra trucks with eight design modifications which comply with specifications agreed upon two years earlier.


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