Sensonor for GMA Land Navigator

Sensonor for GMA Land Navigator

GMA Land Navigator has selected Sensonor STIM210 as inertial engine. The STIM210 provides high accuracy inertial data for the AXD-LNS Land Navigator Solution. Sensonor is currently in serial deliveries supporting the Land Navigator which went into regular production in late 2016, following 5 years of development. STIM210 is a small, lightweight and low power, ITAR free high performance tactical grade gyro module with 3 gyros, currently deployed in applications like UAVs, satellites, portable target acquisition systems, land navigations systems, turret stabilization, missile stability and navigation, and mortar aiming systems.

The GMA AXD-LNS is a high performance Navigation system intended for a wide range of applications, such as advanced navigation displays and advanced Navigation Control Systems in Armored Vehicle programs. Due to its High Stability MEMS sensor based architecture, the AXD-LNS equipment is easily configured for platform stabilization applications. In a GPS-denied environment, the system exploits the velocity aiding with help of the high accuracy inertial data in order to provide continuous navigation solution.


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